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Definitions for Circles

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Definitions for Circles
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Tangent: A line that crosses the circle only once.This means that only at one point in the line, does the line touch the circle 

Sector: The space between two radiuses.This is like degrees measured in an angle.

Secant: A line that crosses the circle only twice. This line runs right through a circle. It is not a diameter, the length of a secant is smaller, and does not run perfectally through the center of a circle.             

Chord: A line that connects two points on the circumference of a circle. In other words unlike a secant the chord stays within the circle, and does not go beyond the circumference.   

Arc: Part of the circumference of a circle. An arc is always less than the circumference.    

Circumference: The perimetre of a circle

Diameter: A line segment that passes through the centre of a circle, and reaches the edge of the circle on the other side. Which is parellel to where the top of the line touches the circumference. Diameter can also refer to the length of this line, which runs the 2 parellel points.