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Definitions for Units of Measurement

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Definitions for Units of Measurement

Area: The amount of square units needed to cover a shape.

Area of a parallelogram: Base x height

Area of a rectangle: Length x width

Area of a triangle: Length x width divided by two.

Area of a trapezoid: Base1 + base 2 divided by two, x height.

Perimetre: The distance around the outside of a shape.

The Metric System: The metric system is a Canadian system of measurements. Including: metres, centemetres, kilometres, litres, kilograms, grams....etc.

Metre: A unit of measurement for distance, in the metric system. Also measured in centemetres, decametres, kilometres....etc.

Degree: A unit of measurement for temperature.

Gram: A unit of measurement for mass, or weight. Measured in grams, and kilograms.

Minute: A unit of measurement for time, also measured in  seconds, hours, days, years, decade...etc.

Ampere: A unit of measurement for electrical current, also measured in watts.