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7 Feb, 05 > 13 Feb, 05
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Life? OR Slavery?
Mood:  down
|[ we go to skool, we learn irrelevant bullshit just to go to a collage or university just to get a high paying job just to earn money just to be able to continue to exist on this planet of sorrows we call earth. and if we dont... weir destined to live on the streets with nothing... with no hope... with no help... with no reason to live! but on the other hand... even if we do end up gettin a high paying job and living in a big house with 1000 channels on cable and expensive dishes and driving around in a fuckin benz... we r still nothing but slaves! slaves in a world where u do what ur told when ur told or else! we have allowed ourselves to be controlled by the few individuals we call our "leaders". giving up all true freedom we have. and for what? to live in a world that promises nothing. we all knoe this. and many have tried to change it. but all have failed. y is this?... the government *believe it or not* is far more affraid of us then we r of them. they knoe that if enough ppl goin together... WE COULD FUCK THEM OVER BIG TIME!!! the government has no true power. everything they have is based on fear and without it they have nothing! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS SHIT! preparing my life in skool just so i can become a fuckin slave like every1 before me. I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE IN! i am going to steal music, movies and software, i am going to cheat on tests, i am going to destroy "government" property, and if and when i get caught... ill tell them to go fuck themselves. y? cause im not going to become a mindless zombie fuck like the rest of the world. i have nothing to loose. i have everything to gain. including true freedom. ]|

|[ Peace Out! ]|

thanks danny, u should be a rebellion leader!!!

Posted by chrispain44 at 10:11 PM EST

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